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FurryCordion: Stretching Cat Toy (2-Two Pack)

Your cat will be OBSESSED! 

This FurryCordion not only entertains your cat, but also serves as a scratching post providing a comfortable environment for playing and lying down.

It's flexible and expandable structure makes it durable to your cats claws and bites. Magnetic ends connect together to form a donut shape, that in its donut form, makes the possibilities endless.

TWO (2X) FurryCordions come with every order šŸˆ

Why The FurryCordion?

The FurryCordion is the perfect toy to keep your cat busy when you need some quiet-time. Connect two together to get an ever-slinging toy your cat will play for hours with. The durable nature of the FurryCordions construction, make it why it's voted the #1 Toy by Cat Owners in 2022!

āœ”  Two (2X) FurryCordions come with every order

āœ” Extremely Durable cardboard construction

āœ” Jingle Ball Included

How To Use

This is the easy part! Each order, comes with TWO FurryCordion cat toys.

Each toy, has two magnetic ends.

Connect the two magnetic ends on your first FurryCordion to the magnetic ends on your second FurryCordion and insert the toys of your choice into its walls (jingle ball included).

Secret tip: We recommend combining 2 FurryCordions if you want your toy to be big enough for your cat to jump into.

That's it! Enjoy some quality time with your furry friend!


  • The FurryCordion is: 24x24x10 cm!

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